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Angela vs Bath & Body Works - viral video over 1 million views!

Carcheski & Schlitz: Manitowoc Sheriffs playlist

The Real Housewives of Westeros - Game of Thrones parody

Tommy Chong Lincoln commercial parody

Zenius – The Man Who Made Kanye West Famous

Pussyhood – Official Music Video

Alone For The Holidays - a Hallmark Christmas parody

Trump TV Network promo parody

The WISH movie trailer – 80s Parody of Big

Zola movie trailer

Freedom Kids – Official Donald Trump Jam Parody

Sexy Halloween Time

Prius unaired commercial - from Adam Carolla show

The Red Lobster Guys - (Boston fish guy parody)

The Ashley Madison Reactions

Intervention: Santa Edition

Snapped: Black Friday

Sumbrella Goes to FroYo Ma

Sumbrella Scout Cookies

Marco Rubio HBO StandUp Special

Miss Americups: The True Story of the 2015 Miss America Pageant

Black Friday - Friday Night Lights parody for Mas Mejor channel