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César Gamiño

César Gamiño

Susie Lohse is a Writer/Producer that has taken the digital space by storm with millions of views on her pop culture viral videos. After receiving her MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Susie relocated to LA and quickly released her scripted Latino dark comedy series “Dirty Cues” (available on Amazon). Her viral videos caught the attention of seasoned production companies that have pitched Susie’s work to major networks. She wrote and produced a successful branded video starring Tommy Chong and was chosen to write for the 2016 CBS Diversity Showcase.  She is co-creator of the original comedy tv show Dark Wolf Gang, which was chosen for the 2018 AFI Directing Workshop for Women. Written/Produced by Susie: Angela Vs Bath & Body Works, The Real Housewives of WesterosCOPS of Manitowoc CountyDirty Cues the Original Series, Branded Videos: Zenius – The Man Who Made Kanye West FamousTommy Chong’s Unaired Lincoln Commercial

César Gamiño is originally a midwesterner from Milwaukee, Wisconsin now residing in Los Angeles.  He moved to LA in 1995 and studied the Meisner Technique with William Alderson and hasn’t looked back. He also studied improv at the renowned Groundlings.  He’s best known for his leading role in The Violinist which finished a successful film festival run playing over 30 festivals worldwide and earning 11 awards and 5 nominations including a Best Actor for him. Since concluding principal photography on Dirty Cues season 1 he has gone on to direct/edit/shoot the Dirty Cues comedy sketch videos. Some of them have gone viral including Angela vs Bath Body Works,  Tommy Chong Lincoln Commercial, The Real Housewives of Westeros and the COPS Manitowoc Sheriff Dept series parodying the sheriffs in the popular Netflix series Making A Murderer. He also works as a freelance Director and Cinematographer.  WEBSITE

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